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Ordinary Madness:
Musicians Meet Bukowski

A group of composer/performers celebrate, discover, explore, and respond to Los Angeles' beloved dirty old man of poetry. Under the direction of Joanne Gordon, director of "Love Bukowski" and "Short Hairs and Long Shots", composers Amy Knoles, Art Jarvinen, Marc Lowenstein, and Martin Herman collaborate on an evening of music, text, theater – a visceral journey, a collage of words, music, and bodies. Neither sensational or obvious Ordinary Madness dares its audience to feel as passionately as its subject. Violent and iconoclastic, yet tender and gentle, Ordinary Madness explores all the complex nuances of this great contemporary artist. Baritone Paul Berkolds joins the composers on stage in this theatrical event that delves into questions of conformity and rebellion, class and sex war, cowardice and heroism - and love.
This is mature material and not for the faint of heart – but will delight the masses of fervent fans and recruit a generation of new ones.

Program Note