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Arquitectura Sonora

In the installation project, “Arquitectura Sonora”, Mayte Alonso and I are creating a different kind of interface between sculpture, viewer, computer and sound. The space that we create in this installation is a modular musical score in which the sculptures and their associated sounds are the instruments and the viewer is the conductor/performer of the score. Depending on how viewers move through the space, sounds will form, merge and transform. Each journey through the space will be different since what emerges sonically will depend on the trajectory that viewers take through the space. There is a coordinated environment of surround sound and sculpture through the use of a carefully placed video camera, speakers, and laptop that interfaces with the participants unobtrusively. In this way, the space itself becomes a musical instrument that is “played” by the viewers as they move around and through the sculptures. The sculptures therefore take on an added dimension that is sound and time-based. Sound becomes a component in the viewer’s perception of the sculptures and their trajectory through the space. The space are divided by the lines of Mayte’s sculptures just as the sound articulates the time-based narrative of the viewer’s trajectory through that space. Each journey through the space is unique.